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People with Disabilities Inclusion Program

Israel Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism

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Bait BaKehila

An IMPJ network of homes for people with developmental disabilities

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Bait BaKehila logo

About the program

Living as part of a community

׳Bait BaKehila׳: A network of homes for inclusion and participation in Reform  congregations for people with developmental disabilities.

׳Bait BaKehila׳ will be a network of residences for people with developmental disabilities, which will be established in proximity to our member congregations. ׳Bait BaKehila׳ residents will be welcomed into our congregations, where they will be valued members and have meaningful roles. Congregations will adapt and create inclusive activities, such as holiday and Shabbat celebrations that are meaningful for the residents and veteran congregants alike, while developing activities to enrich and empower the ׳Bait BaKehila׳ residents.


An inclusive society

In the spirit of the prophets of Israel, Reform Judaism sees Tikkun Olam as an uppermost value. As such, the IMPJ strives to continue building an exemplary democratic state in Israel, which promotes social responsibility and equal opportunities, that practice equality of all citizens and residents and defender of human rights.

IMPJ congregations, scattered throughout the country, run a variety of programs of social involvement and encourage taking social responsibility by their members. IMPJ communities are rich in community activities and spirituality that are particularly suitable for receiving and integrating people with disabilities as members of their congregations, and have the potential to be a model for high-quality social community integration. In order to realize this potential, the IMPJ will establish the 'Bait BaKehila' - a network of homes for people with developmental disabilities in Israeli Reform congregations.

The IMPJ’s Professional Outlook when Working with People with Disabilities

Putting the person, and not only the disability, in the center. Establishing a personal therapeutic-rehabilitation program for every resident in a home, which meets the entirety of needs, desires and abilities. 

People-Oriented Service


Every person needs privacy. We believe that people with disabilities, who in many cases have difficulties dealing with social situations, are those who especially need time and space for themselves. We will, to the best of our abilities, provide each resident with his or her own private space and time.  

The Right of Choice

The IMPJ will support, as much as possible, the personal, self-fulfilling choices of each resident in areas of employment, culture and social activities. 

The Right of Choice
Community Life

Community Life

One of the central challenges for people with disabilities is the sense of loneliness. Community integration helps to deal with loneliness and with social stigmas. The IMPJ has a lot of experience in integrating people with disabilities into its congregations. The homes will be located close to their respective congregations and the residents will be integrated as fully participating members. The congregations will plan their programs keeping in mind the needs of people with disabilities and ensure that the residents are integrated in on-going congregational activities, including gatherings, recreation and more. As part of the congregational programing, specific programs will be designed for the residents, such as employment, extra-curricular activities, special programs with other groups in the community and more. In addition, as part of the individualized rehabilitation program in transitioning to independent life, community resources will be combined to empower the residents. As such, congregational members will volunteer to teach residents life skills. 


The IMPJ views romantic partnership and marriage with great importance and will support residents who choose to live with a life partner. The IMPJ will develop a relationship support program together with professionals in the field.  


People-Oriented Service

׳Bait BaKehila׳ will operate in a familial style; they will be part of a warm and welcoming community and located in neighborhoods as close as possible to the congregations. The resident’s families will also be considered part of the communities and will be invited to be a community within the community at large. The professional operation of the homes will be managed by the IMPJ headquarter offices and will include a director and professional advisor. In addition, each apartment will include the following professional staff: an educational coordinator, a social worker, an integration coordinator, care-takers and a maintenance person. 


The educational coordinator will be in charge of the residents’ holistic therapeutic programs. Each resident will have a tailored program, in coordination and cooperation with all of the apartment professionals and the resident’s family. This program will aim to maximize the resident’s potential in regards to family life, employment and community life. 


The integration coordinator will be in charge of the integration program for full participation in community life. The coordinator will be involved in community affairs and will work to tailor them to allow full participation of the residents.  


The IMPJ views with great importance the involvement of the immediate family in the life of the resident, and values full, transparent and on-going working relations with the family, the Ministry of Welfare Services and municipal welfare departments as central partners in advancing the residents’ lives. The IMPJ will work to maintain on-going and fruitful working relations with municipal supervisory and welfare services. 

Man stamps many coins with one seal, and each is like the other; 

but the King, King of Kings, the Holy One, Blessed be He, stamps every man with the seal of Adam and not one of them is like his fellow.

Therefore every man must say "for my sake was the world created.


Mishnah Sanhedrin 4/5

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Contact us

Josh Aronson

People with Disabilities Inclusion Program

13 King David Street, Jerusalem 94101, Israel

Telephone: 050-9876356       Fax: 02-6203446


To support the program, make a donation designated to the IMPJ Disabilities Inclusion Program.

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