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Together everyone is holy

People with Disabilities Inclusion Program

Israel Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism

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Our leading Team

Yuval Newman, leads the ‘People with Disabilities Inclusion Program’ of The Israel Movement for Reform & Progressive Judaism (IMPJ). Yuval has served on Yozma - the Reform Congregation in Modiin board for 15 years and in the Reform Movement in a wide variety of roles. A dynamic leader with a track record of sustained involvement and success. Yuval is an advocate for equality for people with disability He believes the Reform movement should strive to be in the forefront of Inclusion and equal opportunity for people with any ability serving as a model for a full inclusive society. As a representative of progressive Judaism, Yuval is deeply dedicated to shape Israel as a democratic and Jewish society, a home for all jews, in which social justice, equal opportunity, egalitarianism and human rights are respected and protected for all Israeli citizens and residents.

Yuval Newman

Josh Aronson, coordinator of the ‘People with Disabilities Inclusion Program’ of The Israel Movement for Reform & Progressive Judaism (IMPJ). A social activist and a fighter for justice and equality for all.

Josh joined the Reform movement in the struggle for public transportation on Shabbat. As a person with no license, Josh has to rely on public transport, which makes him bound to the house when public transportation does not work.

Josh grew up in an Orthodox family with 14 brothers. Josh has Asperger's syndrome that does not stop him from winning.

Josh Aronson

Corinne Shavit, the professional manager for ‘Bait BaKehila’ the Israeli Reform Movement network of homes for people with disabilities. With over 15 years of experience working with people with disabilities. Corinne established and operated a boarding school for teens in risk. Worked as an expressive Arts therapist, and ran a daycare center for Chimes Israel. Today, Corinne guides teams of out of home frameworks in dealing with challenging behavior with Premium Pemi.
Corinne is an artist, lecturer and emotional drummer therapist.

קורין שביט.JPG
Our Team

Man stamps many coins with one seal, and each is like the other; 

but the King, King of Kings, the Holy One, Blessed be He, stamps every man with the seal of Adam and not one of them is like his fellow.

Therefore every man must say "for my sake was the world created.


Mishnah Sanhedrin 4/5

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Contact us

Josh Aronson

People with Disabilities Inclusion Program

13 King David Street, Jerusalem 94101, Israel

Telephone: 050-9876356       Fax: 02-6203446


To support the program, make a donation designated to the IMPJ Disabilities Inclusion Program.

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