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The zero project, working for a world with zero barriers. 

Vocals: The Rogozin Choir and the singer Orel Palomba.

A joint project of 'Pass this on sign language' from 'Access Israel' with 'SocialEyes'

Practical plans

A Diverse Community:

We view our congregations as quality models of community integration. The IMPJ congregations throughout the country are active in a variety of social involvement programs and encourage social responsibility. In addition, the IMPJ's congregations are rich in community and spiritual activities that are so important to many people with disabilities who experience exclusion and loneliness.

Lifecycles and Events:

The IMPJ will focus on accessible lifecycle ceremonies and rituals that are designed to be inclusive of people of all abilities.


The 'Noar Telem' Youth Movement integrates youth with disabilities in its activities.

The 'Chavaya' summer camp hosts a program named 'Hammula' ('big family') designed for including teenagers with disabilities.

Inclusive Education:

The educational system of the Reform Movement in Israel integrates students with a variety of disabilities.

Integration in employment:

The IMPJ and its communities facilitate the full participation in employment of people with disabilities and will work to increase their involvement in employment over the next few years.


The IMPJ sees great importance in providing quality, professional, egalitarian and accessible services to all people, including people with disabilities. We are working to make the Movement's headquarters accessible, including the various services we provide and all our activities.

In addition, the Movement promotes accessibility in all of our communities around the country.

Key objectives

Man stamps many coins with one seal, and each is like the other; 

but the King, King of Kings, the Holy One, Blessed be He, stamps every man with the seal of Adam and not one of them is like his fellow.

Therefore every man must say "for my sake was the world created.


Mishnah Sanhedrin 4/5

Contact us

Yuval Newman

People with Disabilities Inclusion Program

13 King David Street, Jerusalem 94101, Israel

Telephone: 054-7791104       Fax: 02-6203446

Email: disabilities@reform.org.il

To support the program, make a donation designated to the IMPJ Disabilities Inclusion Program.

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