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Integration of Children with Disabilities in IMPJ's Educational Systems:

Gan Kol Ha-Neshama aspires to impart Jewish values to the children in the spirit of the Movement for Progressive Judaism. The kindergarten educates for life according to Jewish tradition, with an open, egalitarian and pluralistic educational approach, which includes meetings with the various aspects of Judaism and Jewish rituals, and we strive to develop creativity, independence, responsibility and consideration for others.

The community kindergartens employ people with disabilities and integrate children with disabilities.

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Logo Beit Samueli - Ra'anana

Beit Shmueli, home to the Ra'anan community, operates three kindergartens. The gardens were established with the opening of Beit Shmueli in 2001.

We believe that a child who feels loved and belongs can grow and believe in himself and his abilities. In the fresh gardens we give a lot of attention and love to every boy and girl. The garden environment enables children to discover their Jewish identity as an integral part of their personal identity.

The encounter with the contents of the tradition is conducted in an experiential and creative way, while imparting knowledge and skills, understanding and meaning. Curiosity, wonder and wonder - are indeed the keys that open the gates of the soul and the gates of knowledge of the children.

The children in our homes are exposed to ideas related to Tikkun Olam, to benevolence and to reaching out to others. We include children with special needs, charitable donors and a supportive community for families in need of our support.

Leo Baeck is the only educational center in Haifa and its surroundings for boys and girls with communication disabilities.

In the past, the worldview was a separation of all those with special needs from the community. Over the years, there has been a trend of rapprochement based on the philosophical belief that we are all equal and different people. The understanding that acceptance and inclusion of the one who is different from me contributes to it, and to me, too, stands the test of integration. At the Leo Baeck Education Center, this is embodied as an educational value of the highest order.

Leo Baeck Education Center
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Beit Daniel operates educational programs in 10 urban kindergartens with the aim of promoting and developing a liberal and egalitarian Jewish education in the spirit of progressive Judaism. Our educational approach advocates pluralism and equality, emphasizes the humanistic foundations of Israel's heritage and encourages cultural openness and social sensitivity to man and the environment. One of the community's kindergartens is adjacent to the kindergarten with hearing disabilities, and joint activities take place - a shofar workshop on the High Holidays, a graduation ceremony, Shabbat experiences in the synagogue and more.

We invest quite a bit in integration and special education classes at the Ushiskin School. About 2-3 hours per class.

YOZMA's educational system integrats children with disabilities.

The school's children participate in the adoption program of Beit Eden for children with intellectual disabilities: Shabbat receipts every week, marking the holidays, participation of residents in the activities of the community, joint activities for the children of the school with the residents of the day care center. Record Event: A celebration of mitzvot for the children of the day-care center.

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Man stamps many coins with one seal, and each is like the other; 

but the King, King of Kings, the Holy One, Blessed be He, stamps every man with the seal of Adam and not one of them is like his fellow.

Therefore every man must say "for my sake was the world created.


Mishnah Sanhedrin 4/5

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Yuval Newman

People with Disabilities Inclusion Program

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Telephone: 054-7791104       Fax: 02-6203446

Email: disabilities@reform.org.il

To support the program, make a donation designated to the IMPJ Disabilities Inclusion Program.

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